MathsCraft Curriculum


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The MathsCraft Curriculum is a two-term program for students in years 5-10, to do maths like a research mathematician in their own classes. The Curriculum will be available for use starting in 2020.



Current mathematics curricula focus largely on content new to the students, and not so much on using previously learned ideas to develop behaviours akin to those of research mathematicians, e.g. organising data, making an observation, testing an idea, thinking beyond...

The MathsCraft Curriculum aims to supplement current curricula by providing an environment where students are free to gain practice at these behaviours, regardless of their familiarity with the current year’s content.

What you will get

The MathsCraft Curriculum consists of:

  • A set of problems to choose from (different problems may be more suitable for different year levels);
  • A "rubric" of mathematical behaviours, with which to assess the students;
  • A problem to be used for assessment (provided separately);
  • Official achievement certificates for each individual or group of students (provided at the end of the Curriculum).

Certification is provided by ACEMS — a federally-funded Centre of Excellence for mathematical research, comprising researchers from 7 of Australia’s best universities.



More information on fees will be available soon.


Intended use of the MathsCraft Curriculum

This Curriculum is designed:

  • for students in years 5-10 (Australian)
  • to be used with all students, no matter their achievement level
  • to be run over two terms (ideally terms 2 and 3)

Recommended use:

  • Over the course of terms 2 and 3, spend at least 100 minutes, possibly split over 2 or 3 lessons, on each of 5 problems.
  • Students can work as individuals or in groups of 2 or 3.
  • For the assessment problem, spend 100 minutes in one sitting.

During the minimum of 100 minutes per problem, the students will learn/extend/refine their ability with some/all of the behaviours. Not all problems will necessarily require all behaviours.


The "rubric" of behaviours

Research mathematicians often have no idea whether their work will go somewhere or hit a brick wall.

As such, our rubric focuses on mathematical behaviours rather than only on answers and proofs. The categories of behaviours used are:

  • Doing things to help you have an idea
  • Having an idea
  • Doing something with that idea
  • Creating a new problem


Support for the use of the Curriculum

By signing up to use the MathsCraft Curriculum:

  • You will receive a login to the MathsCraft website, which will give you access to detailed solutions to the problems;
  • You will be invited to join a discussion group with others who are using the Curriculum.

You can also attend a MathsCraft Professional Development workshop to see some problems in action and get ideas for how to run them.