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Welcome to MathsCraft

Giving students the chance to Do Maths like a Research Mathematician!


Imagine a maths classroom where every student is engaged and contributing ideas, building logical arguments, and developing their critical and creative thinking, as a result of grappling with a problem.

MathsCraft: Doing Maths like a Research Mathematician is a program that offers all students the opportunity to use facts, concepts, processes and associations with which they are operational, in authentic, engaging and challenging adventures, that develop their ability to explore, solve, create and understand. In doing so, the joy of doing mathematics is nurtured and our experience suggests that it drives interest in, and provides a purpose for, learning new mathematical knowledge and skills.

For someone to be operational with an idea or process means two things:

  • it can come to mind prompted only by the problem being considered, and
  • the person is confident in its use and can use it to good effect.

There are an amazing number of simply stated problems that lead to delightful adventures that only require ideas with which students are already operational.

MathsCraft allows students to engage with mathematics in a way that develops their thinking similar to the way a research mathematician tackles a problem. One way to incorporate MathsCraft into school mathematics is through the MathsCraft Curriculum.